Baroque wall panels

Baroque effect wall panels Luxurious interior design with WallFace wall panels. Our baroque effect wall panels give your rooms a special touch.

Wall panels Baroque for apartment and house

Baroque style is a trend in literature and arts, which originated 3 centuries ago, but is still of great current interest, especially when it comes to interior design. In interior design such style lays emphasis on royalty, luxuriance and richness of design. Our new Baroque wall panelsare fully conform to this style and are noted for luxurious, delicate and exclusive design, which will bring the presentability of your apartment or house into focus.

Decorative Baroque wall panels in interior

Among other wall coverings, Baroque wall panels hold a specific place due to their rich classical pattern and noted for a number of specific features:

  • Availability of free space. Magnificent and luxurious design of Baroque wall panels matches light airy spaces. Itisnotalwaysappropriateforsmallspaces.
  • Another specific feature of Baroque style is floral motive with free gorgeous lines. Our wall panels will bring more brilliance to your room, as all baroque patterns are embossed or perforated and marked with structure and relief.
  • Since one of the main purposes of the style is to lay emphasis on decoration luxury, Baroque wall panels are characterized with golden and silver colours.
  • In order to draw more attention to wall covering, contrast combination of pattern colour and background is often used.

Buy damask wall panels in online store with delivery

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