Wood effect wall panels for interior decoration

Wood- is perhaps the most popular furnishing material. You will have to try hard to find a room in the interior in which there isn’t a wood: wooden furniture, wooden fittings, wooden floor, ceiling or walls! There is no such interior style, in which the use of wood would be unacceptable. The only objective reason for abandoning the natural tree in the interior is its price. Wood substitutes often look cheap and boring.

If you are looking for a universal, high-quality and aesthetic finish, buy our WallFace wood effect decorative panels. The advantages of our decorative wood panels in comparison with similar products of competitors are obvious:

The Design of the wood effect wall panels. Our wood effect decorative panels is difficult to distinguish from natural wood. They are incredibly believable in appearance and touch. Such visual and tactile effect is due to the observance of minimal details in the production of the wood effect wall panels, namely; exact reproduction of color, texture and structure of wood. In our assortment you will find imitation of different wood species with their natural pattern of wood fibers, color and unique brilliance. Apart from the fact that panels accurately imitate wood species, we offer metal-plated and pastiche panels with wooden structure.

Multifunctionality. Although our panels are called “wall panels”, this does not mean that their area of application is limited to walls. They are perfect for lining furniture. Thanks to the self-adhesive base and easy cutting, the installation of wood effect decorative panels does not require much time and professional skills. With the help of our self-adhesive wood effect wall panels, you can easily transform your interior.

High-quality materials. All of our WallFace wood effect wall panels are made of high quality materials, which is confirmed not only by their unique aesthetic, but also by their practical characteristics. They are distinguished by excellent exploitative characteristics, durability and are easy to clean.

Environmental friendliness. If you are asked where wooden panels for walls are applicable, the first thing that comes to your mind is a country house decorated in a rustic style, such as country or chalet. And you are right, but only partially. Do not forget about the now fashionable direction in design as an eco-style. The use of natural materials in this style is dictated by their environmental friendliness. Our WallFace wood effect wall panels will be an excellent choice, as they do not contain harmful substances and are absolutely safe for health.

Catalog of wood effect wall panels, their prices and interior photos

The first assistant in the choice of products will be the electronic catalog of the online store Profhome.co.uk. In it you will find a detailed description of the product, its technical characteristics and interior photo of wood effect wall panels. In addition, on the site you can order a sample of goods, which is a fragment of the panel in A 5 or A4 format. Thanks to this service you will be able to fully appreciate the quality of our products and make sure that the price of wood panels is completely justified.

Buy wood effect wall panels in the online store with delivery

We know very well that the success of online stores depends not only on the products offered, but also on the availability and visual presentation of information. And also simple and understandable buying process. We have tried to do everything possible so that you can quickly, easily and independently place an order in the online store Profhome.co.uk. But if it's hard for you to decide to buy wood effect wall panels without prior consultation, our professional team will gladly help you to place an order. We guarantee you fast delivery to any part of the world. Enjoy your shopping!