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Wallpapers by material ( Types of wallpaper )

Each persons has own perception of colour, texture and pattern. This article deals with the types of wallpapers for walls and their specific features. Please, explore this question and form your own opinion! (Continuation of the text see below).

Wallpaper types by material

The most common sorts of wallpapers and commonly used wallpaper materials are shown below. It is reasonable to separate out two types, that is:

1. Types of wallpaper basis.
2. Types of wallcoverings
The first clause is divided into:

  • Wallpaper on paper basis. Paper basis still remains the most commonly used, as it is the easiest to apply decorative coatings: the second layer of paper, textile, cork, vinyl, etc. Low price of such material is the main advantage of such type of wallpaper. The paper is also characterized with high breathability when properly coated, for example with the second paper layer. All sorts of paper wallpapers, available in our store, are characterized with double-layer base – duplex. Such specific feature makes it possible to leave the paper layer on the wall, when removing the wallpapers.
  • Non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven fabric is a category of paper-like non-woven materials on cellulose fibres basis, bound with the polymer. Non-woven fabric is more expensive alternative to paper basis, which is marked with a range of advantages. First of all, such type of wallpapers shows better tensile strength, abrasion hardness and fire-resistance, comparing with the paper. Secondly, it is easy to use. The glue is not applied on non-woven wallpaper. Such types of wallpaper are hung directly on the wall, covered with glue, moreover, they may be easily and quickly removed from the dry walls. Non-woven fabric excellently holds its shape and sizes, therefor non-woven wallpapers do not become deformed during the gluing or use.

According to the type of decorative coating, the wallpapers may be divided into:

  • Uncoated wallpaper. The demonstrative example of such sort of wallpapers is paintable non-woven lining paper. It is more breathable and environment-friendly than the paper. It is often used by our commercial customers not only as a smooth repair coating, but also for printing, as a wallpaper without the priming coat, in such a case the pattern is applied directly on non-woven layer, or as background wallpapers, making them one-colour and lustreless, using the paint. It is clear that such printed wallpapers may be produced on a paper basis.
  • Vinyl wallpaper. Owing to the vinyl coating the wallpapers have the relief. Such wallpapers are also called structured. About 90 per cent of wallpapers in our assortment are structured. The structure depends on vinyl coating application technology on the paper or non-woven base. Here it is reasonable to distinguish foamed vinyl wallpaper and hot-stamping wallpaper. Foamed wallpapers are produced by means of applying vinyl on paper or non-woven basis, using screen printing method. Influenced by high temperatures the aerial chemical agents, contained in vinyl, vaporize, creating porous or “foamed” structure. They are of dense texture with clear relief pattern, non-pervious, which prevents from mould formation and is illustrative of easy washability of the wallpapers. This technology is commonly used for production of non-woven paintable wallpapers.
  • Production of vinyl hot-stamping is much different from foamed wallpaper production technology. This technology is marked with pattern stamping on the vinyl surface, under the influence of high temperature of the oven. All abovementioned features, referred to the foamed wallpaper, such as high density, durability, resistance to abrasion, moisture, sun rays, are also referred to hot-stamping even to a greater extent, that’s why the price for such wallpaper is higher. Moreover, hot-stamping are characterized by inimitable relief pattern, which may imitate almost any material: wood, stone, metal.
  • Cork wallpaper shows good acoustic and heat isolation. It is made of natural materials and are durable.
  • The wallpaper with metal film coating has inimitable and original design indeed.

Choose wallpaper by type of material Choice of wallpaper material depends much on the space, where the wallpaper will be used:

  • In the bedrooms and children’s rooms non-woven or paper double-layer wallpapers are widely used due to their environment-friendliness. Such materials, as discussed, are breathable, that is they are marked with high level of air permeance. The absolute leader of this category is paintable non-woven lining paper, which is 100% natural product. From the point of view of environment-friendliness, cork wallpaper is every bit as good as non-woven lining paper. Its higher price is compensated by design exclusiveness and delicacy, production technology and variety of colours. Another successful solution is to select paintable non-woven wallpaper. Due to discrete vinyl coating, it preserves its breathable character and at the same time is marked with a variety of decorative relief structures. Moreover, such wallpaper is open for different colour experiments owing to its thin semi-transparent texture: it may be painted for many times, using any qualitative paints. To create inimitable colour shades, paint not the wallpaper, but the wall, where it is glued.
  • In the living-room the key criterion of choice of type of wallpaper is always the aesthetic aspect. And this is a matter of taste. Someone prefers thick structured vinyl hot-stampings on paper or non-woven base with baroque patterns, which apart from their usability are light resistant. And someone chooses delicate elegant abstract patterns, oriental or Provence-style patterns on thinner non-woven basis. To make design unique, you may use metal wallpaper.
  • In the kitchen and in the bathroom it is reasonable to hang washable wallpaper. Almost all our wallpapers are washable, however some wallpapers are marked with special water resistance. We talk about vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis. It is the double advantage: on the one hand it is non-woven lining material, which is moisture resistant and is not deformed when exposed to water; on the other hand – it is vinyl coating, which may not only be washed, but also cleaned.
  • And what to hand in the corridor? We believe that the best type of wallpaper is wear-proof washable wallpaper. Base material is of minor importance: non-woven lining paper or paper. There is no risk that corridor walls will be in permanent contact with water. However, you constantly need to wash and clean them.

Choose wallpaper by type of design

Choosing wallpaper by type of design, you should first of all pay attention to the purpose of one or another wallpaper type in the interior of the room:

  • If the wallpapers are used to make the feel of comfort, calm and homeliness, for example, in the bedroom or living-room, it’s better to choose light pastel shades wallpaper with delicate floral pattern.
  • The darker cold colours (black, brown, grey) with distinct geometric or abstract pattern are used to make the feel of chastity, representativeness and solidity in the room and in the office.
  • Vertical stripes visually increase the ceiling height due to walls reduction, and horizontal stripes lower the ceiling and enlarge the walls.
  • Big repeatable pattern narrows the room, and minutiae rare pattern makes the room more spacious.

In order to make better choice, we offer to view the photos of types of wallpaper in the catalogue of products of on-line store Moreover, you may buy wallpaper at affordable price and order its delivery. We perform quick delivery of goods worldwide. Check delivery terms with the manager. Enjoy your shopping!