Paintable non-woven lining paper collections

Imagine a room with completely smooth and even walls and ceilings, suitable for almost any type of decorative furnishing. You probably think that such a result is only achievable by investing large sums of money and a lot of time in labour-intensive repairs. We’d like to convince you that this isn’t necessary!

Our paintable non-woven wall lining, available in four different collections, will help you to renovate an old building or strengthen the walls of a new building, at an affordable price, in the shortest possible time, and with minimal effort.
Within one collection of paintable non-woven wall lining the products have comparable density. More expensive collections of painting non-woven wall lining are those that are made from the densest materials. The less dense paintable non-woven lining paper is less expensive since it cannot be used to repair damaged surfaces.
We recommend that you carefully read the description for each collection of paintable non-woven wall lining, so as to properly estimate the costs and order the most suitable products.