Stone effect wall panels for interior decoration

WallFace stone effect wall panels perfectly are suited for interior decoration of premises decorated in an industrial style.

In addition, both externally and to touch they are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, such panels have many other advantages:

  • Strength and durability. Stone effect wall panels have a high durability and can resist abrasion and mechanical damage very well.
  • Easy installation. Due to its light weight and the presence of a self-adhesive base, the installation of stone effect wall panels is quick and easy.
  • Ecological compatibility. All materials are of high quality and are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy cleaning. The degree of moisture resistance depends on the type of coating, but almost all the panels can be safely wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Flexibility. WallFace stone effect decorative wall panels are characterized by good flexibility, which greatly simplifies their transportation and installation.
  • Improvement of thermal and sound insulation. Due to the dense structure of the panels, they significantly improve the insulation of the walls.

Price of stone effect wall panels. As already noted, panels that mimic a natural stone, accurately reproduce natural material. At the same time, the price of decorative panels is somewhat way lower than the natural garniture. Very often WallFace stone effect decorative panels are used for furnishing not the entire wall, but highlighting some of its area. For example, for framing a fireplace, a window, a doorway, etc. Sheets up to 2 mm thick can easily be cut with a conventional mounting knife, so you can easily give them the necessary shape and size. Furthermore, some types of stone effect wall panels can be printed using the method of screen printing or digital printing. Thus, you can personalize the design of the stone effect decorative wall panels. In order to install the stone effect wall panels, when the panel is being glued it is necessary to gradually remove the protective film covering the adhesive layer, and press the panel with a medium-hard rubber roller to the wall in order to avoid the appearance of bubbles or blisters.

Catalog of stone effect wall panels, price and interior photos

In the electronic catalog of WallFace stone effect wall panels you will find their images, interior photos, technical information and product description. Before you place an order, you can purchase a fragment of the original product- thanks to the sample you will have a more accurate idea of the product.

Buy stone effect wall panels in the online store with delivery

Have you become acquainted with all the advantages of stone effect wall panels and decided to buy them? You can independently place an order in our online store or contact the consulting managers of the online shop by phone or e-mail. Within a short time the order will be delivered to any part of the world. For convenient transportation, the panels are rolled up with the glue side outward and packed in a cardboard box. Thanks to this you can be sure that the order will arrive in wholeness and safety. We wish you a good luck selecting and enjoy your shopping!