Decorative plastic effect wall panels for interior decoration

Trims from plastic is widely used in interior designing and is an integral part of many interior styles. Unlike natural materials such as stone, wood or leather, plastic is characterized by a low price, which often acts as a decisive factor in the interior design. There is no piece of furniture or accessory, which today could not be found in a plastic version.

And yet, it must be taken into account that the plastic differs from plastic. And we are ready to demonstrate this on the example of our glossy WallFace plastic effect wall panels, which have no worthy analogues in the modern market of finishing materials.

  • Quality materials. Our plastic effect wall panels are made of high quality materials. Most plastic effect wall panels are characterized by a special acrylic anti-abrasive coating, which provides them resistance to abrasion.
  • Innovative design. WallFace plastic effect wall panels are distinguished by a stylish glossy decorative surface. In our assortment you will find both smooth and structural corrugated panels. Flexible glossy mosaic coatings, which are designed for furnishing relief bent surfaces occupy a special place among decorative plastic effect wall panels
  • Simple installation. Wall panels with plastic effect can be quickly installed even by non-professionals. For this work you do not need special skills and tools, since all our panels are equipped with a self-adhesive base.
  • Ecological compatibility. Plastic effect wall panels are environmentally friendly and safe for health and do not contain PVC.

WallFace decorative panels with plastic effect are used not only for facing walls, but also for furniture. So, single-color glossy plastic effect panels of pastel colors will perfectly fit into the now fashionable retro style in the quality of finishing the kitchen front.

Catalog of wall panels with plastic effect

In the electronic catalog of the online store ProfHome you can learn more about plastic wall panels. In addition to photos and prices of wall panels for plastic, the catalog provides a detailed description of the products.

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