Provence wallpaper

Provence style, the content of which is quite close to that of country style, was named after a region in the south-east of France. It reflects the lifestyle of French countryside, which, admittedly, is rather different from the general perception of rustic style we are all accustomed with. As it has already been mentioned, in terms of the content Provence and country styles are very similar. However, their forms and representations differ greatly, with such a difference being explained, first of all, by the geographical position of the region: the presence of the sea breeze, elegance, wild flowers and the sun.

Provence wallpaper in interior design

Provence wallpaper, also known as French style wallpaper, is extensively employed in interior design. Such popularity stems from the fact that France is often associated with aesthetics and grace.

  • The colour pallet is directly influenced by nature and marine climate. Various pastel shades of olive, lavender, blue, beige, pink and white dominate here. White background is something that differs this wallpaper from the traditional rustic wallpaper where a different colour range is used.
  • The ornament consists of delicate little details with the colours smoothly flowing one into another. It is mostly the floral prints that appear in French wallpaper, with checks being alien to it.
  • Provence style is full of cracks, scuff marks and other rough appearances. Single-colour textured wallpaper as well as white-to-grey colour pallet will present a perfect tool if you are looking to imitate such effects.

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