on primer & wall paint

Bargain offers for interior paint and primer

Our bargain offers for interior paint and primer offer a unique chance to buy a guaranteed quality German product at the most affordable price. Produced in accordance with European quality standards, the paint and primer available from our Profhome online store are absolutely harmless, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products. They’ll provide you with a reliable and durable finish for walls and ceilings. Take advantage of the special offers when ordering paint and primer in our Profhome store, and buy these products at favourable prices.

Types of discount on primer and paint

Our online store Profhome offers two types of discount:

Paint and primer in bulk. If you plan to carry out major repairs, or you need a large amount of material for other purposes, we recommend ordering in bulk, rather than individual items. You can, for example, purchase a whole pallet containing 32 buckets of paint (12.5 litres each). Alternatively, if you're interested in primer, we offer units of 40 buckets (10 litres each) or 32 buckets (12.5 litres each). You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how much money you can save when buying a whole pallet, rather than a small quantity.

Commercial services

The policy of our Profhome store is focused on establishing long-term relationships and creating customer loyalty with various commercial clients and organizations. Please contact our support team for further details. We'll provide you with professional advice and can give you more information about our exclusive bonuses, sales and discounts for primer or paint.

Our Profhome customer support team is looking forward to hearing from you!