Polyurethane stucco molding

Stucco moldingis a relief decor for decoration of building facades (stucco molding for exterior decoration) and interior of premises (stucco molding for interior decoration). Stucco molding can be produced from concrete, gypsum, plaster, papier-mache and other materials. But stucco molding made of polyurethane gains top popularity in recent times.

As compared with other kinds, polyurethane stucco molding has the whole range of doubtless advantages:

  • Longevity. Thanks to durability and high quality of material, stucco molding made of polyurethanedoes not crack, lose shape, shatter and lose color with the course of time.
  • Ecological compatibility. Polyurethane has not hazardous emission or offensive odour and is completely nonhazardous material.
  • Small weight and flexibility. Polyurethane stucco moldingis very light. There are also variants of stucco molding made from flexible polyurethane, intended for finishing of convex and concave surfaces.
  • Moisture resistance. Stucco decoration made of polyurethanefits perfectly for premises with high humidity, as it does not deform under the influence of humidity.
  • Temperature differential resistance. Stucco molding made of polyurethanedoes not lose its properties at a temperature up to 70 С. There is separate category of stucco molding for cove lighting. Such stucco molding is used combined with Led and daylight lamps.
  • Clearing simplicity. As polyurethane stucco moldingdiffers with durability and moisture resistance, it can be washed using modern household chemicals.

Stucco moldings on wallsand ceiling in apartment

Basic variants for use of stucco moldings in the interior of apartmentare pointed our below:

  • The most common areas for use of stucco moldings in the interior are walls and ceilings decoration. It is hard to give any concrete advice, because stucco on the wallsand ceilings should be chosen on the basis of peculiarities of planning of each particular premises. To get new ideas or gain inspiration, you can review photos of stucco on the walls in catalog of online store
  • One more popular variant for use of stucco moldings in apartment is fringing of doors and windows as well as niches and fireplaces. Any window and door aperture, fringed even by minimum quantity of moldings, will be looked far respectable.
  • Besides, sculpting decor madeof polyurethanewill be a perfect decision to emphasize any interior element and to pay maximum attention to it, for example: ceiling roses, cupolas, columns or wall lamps.
  • Sculpting decorhas different expression: from absolutely decent smooth texture for strict style fans to different ornaments.
  • One more variant for use of stucco moldings in apartment, gaining popularity in recent times, is functional stucco molding. Such stucco molding is used tohide wires, cables or ventilation shafts, going through the walls. Technique of placing lights under cornice is used very often. Thus, it is possible to refuse from ceiling lamps and to create soft diffused lighting in premises.

Catalog of polyurethane stucco molding with photos of interior design

If you still have doubts about the fact that to buy stucco molding from polyurethaneis a good idea, come to see product catalog of online store Stucco catalogis equipped with convenient and flexible navigation system, thanks to which you can find required product without troubles. Besides, a great number of photos of stucco moldings in the interior, description, technical characteristics and prices for sculpting arerepresented in the catalog. To choose design of stucco molding better, you can contact the website support service or take the opportunity to order samples. But pay attention that not all types of stucco molding can be represented in the form of samples.

Buy stucco molding from polyurethane in online store with shipping

Asking for assistance of website managers, you’ll get professional consultation concerning choosing of stucco molding prices, ways of payment, performing of purchase and shipping. Thus, you should have no difficulty to buy stucco molding from polyurethane in online store quickly and cheap! Your order will be shipped nationwide and worldwide. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Have a good choice and enjoy your shopping!