Kitchen Wallpapers

Kitchen – the room in which food is stored, cooked and eaten. Taking into account these features, you need to choose the design and wallpaper material for the kitchen. Read the content of the article and create your own unique kitchen interior, which is up to your mood!

What wallpaper for kitchen to choose?

Doubt what wallpaper for the kitchen to choose? In addition to colour and pattern, it is worth considering the practicality of the material. Modern kitchen wallpaper should be thick, moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly. Under these requirements, the following versions of wallpaper are best suited:

1. Vinyl wallpaper. The main characteristics, thanks to which vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen are considered to be one of the best options - their density, moisture resistance, affordable price and durability.
2. Nonwoven wallpaper for the kitchen. They are made of compressed cellulose fibres - a safe and environmentally friendly material. Due to this they are more durable than paper wallpapers, breathable, less susceptible to moisture and well mask the small defects of the walls.
3. Washable kitchen wallpaper. Easy to clean, have good indicators of moisture resistance, durability and wear resistance.

Modern kitchen wallpaper design

To give your kitchen a modern style, you can use coatings that imitate the texture of various materials used for decoration - wood, brick, metal, stone. In the design of modern kitchen wallpaper geometric, abstract and floral patterns will also fit. Bright and catchy colours can be used if you do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you stay in the kitchen for a long time, cook, or just relax - it is recommended to choose calm, neutral shades and small patterns.

Kitchen finishing with wallpaper. What you should pay attention to.

Here are the ideas and recommendations of professional designers who will help you decide what to look for when finishing your kitchen with wallpaper.

1. The basic rule of decorating is not to overload the interior with details. Emphasize one thing.
2. Select the colour of the wallpaper for the kitchen and the tone of the interior correctly. It is recommended to combine warm shades with warm colours, and cold with cold ones.

Don’t forget that colours influence people:

  • Orange and yellow colours of the kitchen wallpaper enhance the mood, appetite and desire to communicate.
  • Blue looks very stylish, but reduces appetite.
  • Red increases appetite, but in excessive amounts can cause aggression and anger.
  • Green wallpapers in the kitchen relax.
  • Navy creates the atmosphere of freshness, but is considered to be not very cozy.

4. Kitchen wallpapers of unusual, original ornament are combined with simple, discreet furniture.
5. A large picture reduces the room, so for a kitchen of a small size, it's best to choose wallpaper with either fine ornaments, or without ornament.

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