Plain self-adhesive wall panels for houses and flats

Are you tired of those bright and splashy patterns and ornaments on the walls? Do you find them irritating?
Then choose plain wall panels! They will work perfectly with such popular nowadays styles as minimalism and high-tech. With the help of on-line store you will be able to easily select a wall panel colour that will suit your needs and create a required design of your room.

Single-colour wall panels in the interior

Below you will find our recommendations in respect of selecting the colour of the wall panels which will help you to avoid mistakes and assist in creating the interior which will best fit your expectations.

  • Wall panels of black or brown colours will make your room look more elegant and presentable. They are extensively used in decorating offices, receptions and waiting rooms. However, it is worth remembering that dark colour wall panels can visually make the room smaller.
  • In order to reach the opposite effect and make the room appear larger in size it is advisable to use wall panels of light colours.
  • Soft pastel shades are more appealing to decorating bed-rooms and living-rooms.
  • Wall panels of red colour will perfectly fit the designs of such commercial premises as clubs and bars, and will present an excellent choice for arranging exhibition stands and advertising boards.
  • We would like to draw your attention to the way in which the colour of the wall panels matches the other elements of the interior. Darker colours look good in conjunction with the light background, and the other way round, dark background sets off light features.

Our assortment of the wall panels will provide you with an extensive range of decorative plain panels, and such a great variety is determined not only by the colour palette but also by the structure and look of the decorative surface finishing. You will have to make a choice between structural or smooth, matt-finished or glossy, metalized or mosaic surface finishing. Moreover, you can always make your wall panels more individualized by applying a photograph, a logo or any other pattern of your choice by way of digital or stencil screen printing.

Buy WallFace plain self-adhesive wall panels through our on-line store with delivery to your doors

In order to make your purchase experience more comfortable, offers you an on-line catalogue where apart from an easy and convenient navigation you will find pictures of all the plain wall panels together with the prices, their detailed description and technical characteristics and also other customers reviews of the products. All this will enable you to select and buy dark or light plain wall panels in a blink of an eye and with no problems at all!
In case you do get any questions regarding any of the products, you can always reach out to our site support service and our professional advisers will help you to make an informed choice of the product which best fits your needs and expectations, advise on delivery options and assist in proceeding with the purchase. Fast delivery service is available to any part of the UK and other countries world-wide. Delivery terms in each particular case can be ascertained with one of our customer service representatives. Good luck with your shopping!