Office wallpaper

Office is the premises or building where employees work, accept clients and hold business meetings. Accordingly, to choose wallpaper for office room is a very important component of success of your enterprise or company. Material of this article will help to decorate correctly office room with wallpaper, to create in the office working atmosphere, which influences favourably your employees and customers.

What wallpaper for office room to choose

Choosing wallpaper for office room, first of all, you should draw your attention to their resistance to mechanical damages, simplicity of use and durability. The most popular are wallpaper made of such materials:

1. Paper. Affordable price, easiness of gluing and environmental friendliness, but at the same time not high strength and lifecycle. Wallpaper design for office is the most popular option today.
2. Vinyl. Dense and durable. They are well presented and cleaned well, but breathable, and some types can contain toxic admixtures.
3. Paintable wallpaper for office room. Wallpaper painting will help to change quickly colour design and mask defects of office walls.
4. Metallic. Inserts of real metal will add wallpaper for office room an exclusive design and help to screen the premises against various kinds of electromagnetic radiation.

Wallpaper design for office

Also, choosing wallpaper for office room, it is very important to combine them with other elements of premises interior.

Sole-coloured wallpaper design for office will emphasize refinement of each separate element of interior, but on such wallpapers defects and inequalities will be more noticeable.

  • Unexpressive and non-distinct pattern on wallpaper for office room is neutral towards other interior objects and does not draw attention to itself.
  • Wallpaper design for office with spots and chaotic patterns will help to hide cracks, holes and wrinkles of walls, but will make other parts of interior less distinctive.

Wallpaper design for office. What to pay attention to

As the walls in office rooms take more space and draw your attention at once, it is very important that their design would correspond to your requirements. Is it too quiet and calmly in your office? Use red colour in wallpaper design for office, it will add activeness and excitement to your employees. But don’t overdo, as red can cause aggressiveness and angriness at too long and intensive effect. Green, on the contrary, acts in a calming and relaxing way. Do you want to widen your office visually and make it more spacious? Use wallpaper for office room with small and rare pattern. Warm tones of yellow, brown, orange colour will visually make premises smaller, but more cosy and comfortable. Blue, navy and violet tones will enlarge the office, moving the walls from each other.

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