Auxiliary Materials and Accessories for Mouldings from Orac Décor

An important role which is played by accessories in the design of the interior is its integrity. Sometimes a few skillful strokes and bright accents can make your interior unique.

In the Orac Décor product line, such accessories for mouldings are called “LED Systems”, as well as many specially designed network and connecting cable systems. All elements of Orac Decor accessories are adapted for easy and comfortable mounting and installation of stucco.

Also, Orac Décor products boast a wide range of auxiliary materials for mouldings.

A special ruler will help you not make a mistake with the dimensions. With the help of a Mitre box, you can fix the mouldings in the required position, and the saw with the tempered canvas will allow it to be cut quickly and accurately at the required angle. The range includes a special cartridge gun, which will help you accurately and dosed applicator to apply glue on the surfaces to be joined.

Orac Décor auxiliary materials will provide you with the simplest, highest quality and accurate installation. To use these tools, you do not need professional skills for mounting and installation. The use of Orac Décor auxiliary tools guarantees you a quality installation of mouldings.

Each of these tools can be purchased separately or ordered in a special case, which already includes all the necessary devices.

The managers of our sales department will help you decide on a set of necessary auxiliary tools and accessories for Orac Décor mouldings and arrange the delivery of your order to anywhere in the world!

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