Raw Steel

Raw Steel Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles from raw steel are made from a single sheet of alloyed metal of the highest quality, giving them excellent strength and durability. The design of raw steel mosaic tiles attracts attention, fascinating the eye with a unique play of light against the background of a deep and intense blue-black shade of steel.

Raw steel mosaic tiles in the interior space

Another feature of raw steel mosaic is that its surface slowly acquires a layer of natural patina under the influence of external factors. This means that, over time, the colour of the surface can change from the original blue-grey to a reddish-orange, simulating the unique design of corten steel. (COR-TEN is a kind of steel whose main feature is the formation of a top layer of patina with a special chemical composition that protects it from diverse external influences.)

The ultra-modern design of the mosaic tile made of raw steel is perfect for decorating offices or meeting rooms, giving them an impressive modern look. The light touch of patina on such a surface creates an impression of permanence, and having stood the test of time.

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