Wallpaper combination for bedroom

Average person sleeps for one-third of his life. Correspondingly, it is very important for bedroom atmosphere to encourage sound, healthy sleep, help to have good rest and relaxation. Use of wallpaper combination for bedroom helps not only to create the required design but solve a range of practical issues, such as wall defect adjustment, focusing attention on some interior objects and visual change of premises size.

How to combine wallpapers in bedroom

You want to use wallpapers of two kinds in bedroom but don’t know the ways of combination? List of the most frequently methods of wallpaper combination for bedroom is given below.

  • Alternating white stripes of various colours and textures you can not only embody interesting artistic thoughts but also optically reduce wall length and increase ceiling height. This is the best variant for spacious premises with low ceilings.
  • Horizontal stripes of two colour combinations for bedrooms will help to achieve converse effect – ceilings will seem lower and walls longer. Such variant will be perfect for small bedrooms with height ceilings.
  • Wallpaper inserts are used for distinguishing and focusing attention on some interior elements. For example, to highlight background of your favourite picture or photo.
  • True imaginative nature with rich imagination may use rag combination method. Wallpaper rags of various colours and ornament may be located both in exact geometrical order and absolutely chaotic. This method may add to your bedroom truly unique and special design, but you should be careful using it, to avoid of being tired and irritated by yourself with brightness abundance.
  • Emphasizing wall or part of wall with colour or picture you can divide bedroom into separate areas. For example, separate area for rest, where there is a bed, from working area with a table.

Two colour wallpaper combinations for bedrooms

For successful combination of bedroom interior with two colour wallpaper combinations, it will be useful for you to know a range of basic colour use rules:

  • Dark colours and shades absorbs light well, owing to that your bedroom seems more compact, comfortable.
  • Light shade use will help to make bedroom more spacious.
  • If bedroom windows go to the north, easily use any warm colours, even bright, staring red and luxurious gold.
  • Colder, more sombre colours will suit for bedroom with southern location.
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Bedroom wallpaper combination design

Bedroom performed in definite style is a very interesting design solution.

  • Modern. Presupposes harmonic combination of all interior elements. Correspondingly, wallpapers shall be not very bright, without great loud patterns, made of modern materials.
  • Provence Style of cosiness, comfort and elegance. Presupposes use of blue, beige, gold, white shades and green colour as well as big, elaborate patterns.
  • Loft. Brickwork imitation on some certain area of premises, for example, on one of four walls – classical method of this style. Other walls shall have light, neutral texture. Use of picture is either inadmissible or it shall be pale, barely noticeable.
  • Country. Wallpapers of warm, light shades with floral pattern are applied.
  • Classics. Presence of clear, repeating ornament is specific. Choice of colour is of no special significance.
  • Minimalism. Interior shall be maximum simple and laconic. One colour wallpaper without pattern.
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