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Wallpaper for rooms

When planning the interior of your apartment, the key attention should be paid to the finish of the wall surfaces, namely, the choice of room wallpaper.

This type of finish will not only create the desired atmosphere and design in your room, but also help to warm it. In the process of gluing, a number of questions may arise: “How do I choose the color of the room wallpaper?”, “How will the wallpaper look in the interior of the room?”, “How much wallpaper do I need for the room?” and others. The main purpose of this article is to help you understand these questions and make the process of selecting room wallpaper simple and understandable.

How to choose room walpaper

Buying wallpaper on the room wallpaper, in addition to personal preferences, you should consider a number of recommendations, thanks to which you can easily choose the product that best meets your requirements.

Color select

Selecting the color of the room wallpaper located on the south side, you should consider how the chosen shade will be in harmony with the natural lighting of your room. After all, the same colors, depending on whether they are exposed to bright sunlight or are in shadow, are perceived in completely differently.

For a room with bright sunlight, you should choose deep, dark and cold tones. For slightly illuminated rooms of the north side, on the contrary, it is recommended to choose warm and bright colors of room wallpaper, which not only reflect the sunlight, but will also charge you with vivacity and good mood.


Choosing an ornament for the design of room wallpaper, it should be noted that large and often repeating room wallpaper patterns visually make the space smaller, and small patterns, located at a great distance from each other, on the contrary, significantly expand it.

Also it should be noted that vertical room wallpaper pattern can visually reduce the area of the room due to a noticeable increase in the ceiling height.


Room wallpaper, located in direct sunlight, are exposed to strong ultraviolet light, resulting in discoloration and fade. There are two ways to avoid this:

  • Protect room wallpaper from direct exposure of sunlight. You can do this by covering the windows with thick curtains or by installing of special double-glazed windows with UV protection.
  • Select the material that is least likely to discoloration. Such material can be fabric, vinyl, non-woven fabric or fiberglass.

Room wallpaper catalog with photo

If you need to view photos of the room wallpaper in the interior during the selection process, you can use the product catalog on our website. In this catalog the best samples of products are presented. Samples fully correspond to high European quality standards. It should be noted that the price of room wallpaper in the catalog is indicated per one roll. Looking through the photos of the room wallpaper in the interior, you should pay attention to a number of details that will help visually increase the size of your room:

  • To expand a narrow room, long walls must be done in light colors to increase the distance between them visually, and short walls make it more contrasting to bring them closer.
  • Well-lit apartments seem more spacious. Therefore, to increase the size of the room visually, it is recommended to use light colors of the room wallpaper.
  • For rooms with low ceilings, it is recommended to use wallpaper with a vertical ornament that will visually "pull" the walls upwards.

Buy room wallpaper in online store with delivery

The efforts of the team of the online store are aimed at ensuring that you can find, select and buy wallpaper for the room as quickly and conveniently as possible. Staff consultants from customer service help you choose the room wallpaper design and will advise you on the price of wall paper for the room. Fast delivery of goods is carried out all over the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Have a nice shopping!