Damask style wallpaper

The Baroque Era (575-1770) was historically full of contradictions: extreme poverty, on the one hand, with luxury and decadence, on the other. Whatever wealth was available it had to be shown off, in order to create some kind of illusion. Thus, for example, King Louis XIV knew as no one better how to create a lush interior by the right play of colours, unusual and even bizarre shapes and decent high-quality materials. This is when the concept we today refer to as “Baroque style wallpaper” was born.

Baroque wallpaper in interior design

As if coming from a different epoch this wallpaper will let you immerse into an atmosphere of bourgeois villas and magnificent castles. Bring the charm of the whole era to your home – sheen and glamour of the times famous for their affluence and splendidness. Among the common features of Baroque wallpaper are the following:

  • A distinctive rich ornament. Spacious living-rooms, library rooms and offices of a good size and with an impressive interior, rooms containing such expensive decorative elements as tapestry, marble, red wood and furniture with rich finishing and ornate curves can no doubt be further enhanced with a Baroque style wallpaper.
  • Deep colours of maroon, dark green or blue, black or brown – they all identify Baroque style wallpaper. Also, Baroque patterns often contain elements of gold or silver colours.
  • Opportunities for a graceful combination of such different, in terms of ornament, Baroque wallpaper as luxury damask wallpaper and striped wallpaper do, no doubt, add to their popularity. These unlike ornament wallpaper sheets, provided they come from the same colour shade, can be successfully used to emphasise a particular part of the room or can intersperse with one another within one wall.

Wallpaper with damask patterns

Damask is a floral pattern where flowing lines interweave in a symmetric vertical direction. Many get confused by this term since this popular pattern called damask is often mistakenly identified with a whole Baroque style whereas, in fact, damask pattern is only an ornament used in Baroque style decorative materials. Thus, Baroque wallpaper may contain a damask pattern as well as any other patterns.

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