M-STYLE wall panels

The collection of M-STYLE is represented by self-adhesive panels with a mosaic structure and a decorative coating made of metallized film. The distinctive feature of the M-STYLE panels is their absolute flexibility. This collection was created for the design of curved surfaces, and the radius of flexibility of these decorative panels is unlimited.

By the nature of the decorative surface, wall panels from the M-STYLE collections are divided into:

  • Mirror
  • Glossy lacquered
  • Holographic

M-STYLE Wall panels in the interior space

The mosaic structure of flexible panels with metal gloss will become an extraordinary solution for the design of commercial premises. The advantage of utilizing this finish is the possibility of using them for surfaces of any shape: from walls to decorative columns.

The individual elements of the mosaic structure of the panels are arranged in an ordered geometrical pattern on a self-adhesive background, thus forming a whole canvas. Therefore, flexible wall coverings from the M-STYLE collection can be used not only for decorating areas of regular shape, but also for a wide variety of shapes: with a conventional mounting knife you will easily be able to obtain a segment of the desired shape. You can verify this yourself by visiting the electronic catalog of M-STYLE wall panels, which presents a large number of interior images.

So, one of the areas of application of decorative coatings from this collection is filling out of accessories and clothes. With the help of our M-STYLE products, you can realize the most extraordinary design ideas!