MODERN mouldings from polyurethane

Straight lines and an optimal balance between the characteristics of lightness and functionality – these are the main features of the mouldings in the MODERN collection. So if you’re not aiming for a look of luxury and pomposity, but are more interested in plain, uncomplicated and sober decorative elements, then Orac Decor MODERN moulding is exactly what you need.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that the simplicity of this collection makes it less stylish. The Italian architect Orio Tonini, designer of Pierre Dames products, and the artist Emma Giers weren't afraid to depart from classical ideas about the design of moulding, and created their own unique product, the elegance and simplicity of which will allow you to fully enjoy the spirit of modernism.

Mini-ranges in the MODERN collection

The products in the Orac MODERN collection are presented in the form of five separate mini-ranges. Their different designs will help you to show your imagination and create a unique interior space.

Below is a brief description of the features of each range:

  • L3 - Linear Led Lighting. This range includes four profiles for concealed lighting. Their angular profiles will help to emphasize the dimensions of your room, and the diffused light from the hidden lighting will add warmth and comfort.
  • High Line. The clarity of the lines and the proportions of the skirting boards will help you to design a stylish and harmonious transition between the floor and the wall.
  • Steps. Cornices made in the form of right-angled steps not only have a modern and stylish design, but also perform a number of practical functions: visually expanding the boundaries of a room, masking surface defects, hiding curtain rails, or to install elements of concealed lighting.
  • Diagonal. Despite the fact that this range consists of only one plinth, the universal design of the product gives it a variety of applications, both as a simple decorative element and as a lighting system.
  • 3D Wall Panels. The size and shape of the elements are chosen in such a way that they perfectly match each other. Combining different geometric shapes, you can turn flat walls into a real design composition.

Online catalogue of MODERN mouldings made from polyurethane

Our team wants to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right product. In the online catalogue you'll find photos of Orac MODERN moulding, prices, descriptions, specifications and customer reviews. Using the sample ordering service, you can receive a piece of the article that interests you, which will help you to see for yourself the excellent quality of the original product. In addition, you can contact our customer support team for answers to any questions you may have and for help in purchasing Orac Decor MODERN moulding. Good luck choosing and enjoy your shopping!