WallFace geometric pattern wall panels

Since gaining their popularity in the 60-s geometric ornaments have managed to retain their strong positions in interior design. Geometric pattern is a trademark of various interior design styles and is continuously and rightfully considered to be modern. Wall panels with geometric effect can successfully be employed in decorating both your home and your workplace.

In comparison with other decorative wall finishings, WallFace self-adhesive sheet with geometric pattern has a number of advantages:

  • Quick and easy installation. Owing to self-adhesive base of the panel you can now forget about all the tools and dust which used to accompany any redecoration. In order to cover your surfaces with geometric wall panels, you would only need to carefully affix the panels to a clean surface and flatten the sheet with a squeegee to remove any air from under the panel.
  • Ecological properties. You can now stop worrying about the safety of your decorative materials. WallFace self-adhesive geometric wall panels are manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials and do not contain PVC or any other harmful materials.
  • Simple maintenance. Good durability, resistance to moisture and rapid changes in temperatures, easy cleaning, light weight and elasticity are the qualities which make WallFace wall panels with geometrical effect an ideal choice for interior decoration.

Decorative wall panels with geometrical effect in interior design

Our range of geometric wall panels includes a few variations with square and diamond shape patterns to choose from. These wall panels provide a great diversity when compared to other decorative materials with geometrical pattern. And this is due to the fact that they perfectly imitate all manner of materials. For example, some quilted panel ornaments with leather effect present a net of squares or diamonds. They will make an ideal choice for decorating offices equipped with leather furniture, halls and other business premises. Commercial premises, fair trades facilities, shops, bars and restaurants do often seek an exclusive and bright design and this is where geometric, reflective or mosaic wall panels come forth. They are a perfect tool in achieving those looks. Looking to decorate some industrial premises? Then choose metalized textured wall panels.

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