Living Room

Wall panel ideas for living room interior design

Thinking of decorating your living room and are still not sure whether wall panels are suitable for these purposes? Then don’t be! Not only will wall panels for living room enhance your interior but will also impress you with their quality and maintenance characteristics. Living room is often a place whether people gather and enjoy their time together.

Therefore, decorative wall panels for living room must possess certain specific qualities:

  • Safety. Decorative materials of a room which is often occupied by many people must be absolutely eco-friendly and must not contain any harmful elements or produce any hazardous emissions. WallFace wall panels for living room meet the above requirements.
  • Easy maintenance. You will no doubt want the wall panels in your living room look fresh for a long time and continuously keep your guests amazed with a stunning appearance? By simply using a wet cloth or sponge you will have no difficulties in keeping your living room clean and tidy.
  • Easy installation. You can now forget those long lasting, dusty and costly redecorations! The reverse side of each panel is equipped with a self-adhesive base which means that fitting can be accomplished without any special skills, tools or much effort.
  • Ease of cutting. Our wall panel designs for living room will not only suit decorating the walls but also various furniture elements, doors and even home appliances. Wall panel sheet can easily be put into the necessary size and shape by using of a simple cutter.

Buy wall panels for living room directly from the manufacturer with delivery to your doors

Looking to buy wall panels for your living room in the UK? Our on-line catalogue at will provide you with a variety of living room wall panels photos, prices, descriptions, technical characteristics and also other customer reviews of the products. Moreover, you can order a sample of the product which is of interest to you. Having received your sample in the post you receive get an opportunity to get a better feel of the product and check whether your chosen wall panel will really fit your living room design expectations.
To buy wall panels for living room in the UK get in touch with our customer support service. Our professional advisers will be happy to answer any of your queries, help to proceed with the purchase and arrange a delivery. Fast delivery service is available to any part of the UK and other countries world-wide. Delivery terms can be clarified with one of our customer service representative in each particular case. Enjoy your shopping!