Deco wall panel collection

The WallFace wall panels from the Deco collection are a modern exclusive high-quality finishing material. This collection is perhaps the most versatile in terms of visual effects. All products from the Deco collection have a general characteristic -absence of brightly pronounced structures on the decorative surfaces. Most panels have an absolutely smooth part.

WallFace Deco wall panels accurately mimic the following natural and synthetic materials:

  • Glossy and mirror sheet metal
  • Frosted polished metal
  • sandblasted sheet metal
  • Sheet metal with a typographical pattern
  • Ceramic tiles with metal trim
  • Marble or stone
  • Glossy and matte plastic

The presence or absence of relief decor is an integral part of the design idea. The Deco collection has only one structural model of the wall covering – it is the decorative panel with a wood texture. They are very difficult to distinguish from natural wood both visually and even when touched.

Deco wall panels in the interior space

The elegant and modern design of WallFace panels from the Deco collection, as well as the variety of models of wall coverings, determines their wide scope of application. Such panels are in great demand among owners and designers of commercial places. Brilliance, as well as the excellent wear resistance of most Deco decorative panels are distinct prerequisites for their use not only as wall panels, but also for touching-up bar racks, billboards, furniture and other surfaces.