Wood wallpaper

For many years the wood was one of the most popular types of wall decoration. It is still very popular. And not in vain, because the wood, like no other material, will help to create an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, comfort and homely home.

Entering the phrase “wood look wallpaper” in the search box, you, being the Internet user, may mean one of the proposed options:
1. Wood effect wallpaper for walls. Generally speaking, it is wood pattern wallpaper. This can be a pattern of a wooden log, wooden planks, wood bark, etc.
2. The wallpaper which will be well combined with wooden interior elements.
The detailed information for each option is stated below.

Wood look wallpaper - wood effect wallpaper

The use of natural wood for walls decoration is not always convenient and profitable. As an alternative, the wood effect wallpaper or wood texture wallpaper has gained popularity. Due to the high quality of modern production, the wood effect wallpaper can be hardly distinguished from the natural wood. To achieve a more realistic visual effect, you may use not plain, but relief wallpaper. To produce them, the vinyl coating is applied on the paper or non-woven base. The wood look wallpaper is commonly used in country or Provence style, but it may be also used in form of inserts in any other style.

You may found a number of tips below, which will help you to understand, what types of wallpaper better suit different rooms.

  • Light wood pattern wallpaper excellently suits the bedroom and kitchen as it not only visually extends the room space, but also creates the feeling of rest and relaxation.
  • In the cabinet, office or library it’s better to use the darker wallpaper. It make the room space more respectable and with dignified appearance.
  • There are no recommendations on the selection of wood pattern wallpaper for the living room or lobby. Everything depends on the room style and your personal preferences. The commonly used approach is room space zoning. The leisure zone, where there is a chair or sofa, you may highlight with the lighter shades, and the working zone with the table – with dark wood effect wallpaper.
  • In the entrance or corridor, which lack natural lighting, it’s better to use bright light wallpaper.

Wood look wallpaper combinations with other wooden items in the interior

The phrase “wood look wallpaper” as a search criterion may mean the intention to select the wallpaper, which is well combined with interior items, made of natural wood. There are two methods of such combining – related and contrasted. The main criterion of harmonious combining is a correct colour selection. Furniture or accessories, made of dark wood species are excellently combined with brown, black, chocolate wallpapers. The contrast wallpapers are light shades of yellow, grey, green, blue colours. For light interior items the situation is vice versa. With dark wallpaper the combination is contrasted, with light wallpaper the combination is related.

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