Ceiling roses

Ceiling rose mouldings

Ceiling roses are one of the central types of moulding decoration for the ceiling. This decorative element will help to break up the monotony of flat surfaces and give your interior a more representative and elegant appearance. In addition to purely aesthetic beauty, decorative roses also fulfil a number of practical purposes, such as helping to hide the base of light fixtures or masking small irregularities, holes and other defects in the ceiling.

In our online catalogue you won't only find standard, round moulded roses for the ceiling, but also various alternatives in the form of an oval, a star, etc. Thanks to a wide range of choices, you'll be able to show creativity and make your interior personal and unique.

Types of ceiling rose

In the past, decorative ceiling roses were made of plaster, concrete, or wood - brittle, short-lived materials that are highly susceptible to environmental influences. To produce modern Orac Decor® ceiling roses, high-tech materials such as Duropolymer® and Purotouch® are used, which have a number of clear advantages:

  • Light weight. Heavy concrete or brittle plaster make such products very difficult to affix to a ceiling. The light and durable Orac Decor® ceiling roses, in contrast, don't cause problems either during transportation or the installation itself.
  • Resistance to external influences. Due to the high quality of the materials used, our decorative roses don't lose their properties or aesthetic appearance when exposed to temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation or high humidity. In addition, they're easy to keep clean.
  • Painting. For a more harmonious combination with the overall colour scheme of a room, you can easily paint the ceiling rose in the right tone.
  • Unique design. Thanks to modern production techniques, our moulded roses have clear lines and elegant patterns with numerous small details, making their design truly unique.

Ceiling roses in the interior space

The field of application for ceiling roses inside a room isn't limited to only framing fixtures on the ceiling. They can also be used as a separate decorative element or as part of a larger composition. The exquisite and sophisticated design of ceiling roses will help you to "revitalize" any flat surface, adding an additional dimension and making it more expressive. And thanks to its exceptional characteristics, such an ornament will remain attractive for many years.

Buying ceiling roses made from polyurethane in our online store with delivery

Feel free to browse through our online catalogue to find information on the prices and technical characteristics, but also to see interior photos of ceiling roses from Orac Decor®.

Having made your choice, you can easily buy decorative ceiling roses, since we offer a fast and simple order procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!