Mirror effect wall panels for interior decoration

Every experienced entrepreneur knows that there is no successful business without supplying right product/service to clients, commercial partners and hired personnel. There are several types of perception of information, for each of which a certain sense organ is responsible, and it is proven that 80% of information is perceived visually by people. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the design of commercial premises.

What elements of your interior will be the most memorable, unconditionally extraordinary, high-quality and beautiful? This task is easily accomplished with the help of our WallFace decorative mirror effect wall panels. In our wide range mirrored wall panels there is a solution for a variety of stylistic directions. What does our mirror wall panels represent?

Gloss, brilliance, reflective surface. Designs of WallFace decorative mirror effect wall panels are diversely different: it has smooth monochrome panels, and are with a mosaic pattern in different colors.

Excellent performance and easy installation. Plastic mirror effect wall panels in contrast to mirrors, are very practical since they do not break. In addition, they are moisture resistant and easy to clean. The back side of the panel is equipped with a self-adhesive surface, even an amateur can install such a panel without using additional tools. Mirror panels are to be folded into rolls for easy and quick transportation.

Extensive scope of application. Such an exclusive design is primarily associated with commercial advertising space, entertainment, bars and restaurants. Glossy wall panels are perfect for decorating clubs and discotheques, they will perform fine furnishing for bar counters and billboards. But this does not mean that you cannot install such a panel at home. WallFace mirror effect wall panels will organically fit into the interior of the corridor or bedroom, for example, as a finish for cabinet compartment. With the help of these unique glossy coatings, you can decorate an element of any shape and size: we offer flexible versions of panels with a mirror surface for framing curved surfaces up to the columns.

Ecological compatibility. The materials of mirror effect wall panels are safe and do not contain PVC.

Catalog of mirror effect wall panels

In our electronic catalog there is a large number of photos of WallFace mirror effect wall panels in the interior of the rooms. Before you buy wall panels with a mirror effect, you have the opportunity to order a sample of the product you liked by mail in the online store ProfHome. Within a short time, the sample will be delivered, and you will be able to witness with your own eyes a unique design and high quality that fully justifies the price of the mirror effect panels.

Buy mirror panels for walls in online store with delivery

All the efforts of the online store team are aimed at making it easier for you to choose and purchase products. Professional managers will answer all your questions and help you arrange the purchase and delivery of goods to any part of the world. Therefore, to buy mirror effect wall panels in our online store will not be difficult for you! Good luck making a choice and enjoy your shopping!