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Wallpaper patterns

Do you want to make your home design original, vivid, colourful and varying? Wallpaper patterns will be an excellent solution. Due to the pattern, you may easily change the room space, make the feeling of certain stylistic trend or lay the emphasis on a certain wall section. To understand the types wallpaper by patterns and their specific features and what should be taken into account when selecting the wallpaper, please read the information below.

Types wallpaper by patterns and texture

For our purpose, all wallpaper patterns may be divided in the following types:

  • Wallpaper with geometric designs. It is produced in form of various evenly interleaved geometric object: squares, triangles, circles, trapezes, polygons, etc. The striped wallpaper may be also included in this category.Wallpaper with flower designs. Currently, wallpaper flower patterns are the most popular wallpaper type. They include the patterns of leaves, branches, flowers, trees, etc. Due to their universality, they excellently suit almost every interior style and every room.
  • Abstract wallpaper for walls. This type of wallpaper includes the patterns, made of abstracted artistic elements (splashes, splotches, lines, colour spots, volume, texture).
  • Oriental pattern. In includes such patterns as Damask pattern, arabesque, paisley, etc. It is often used in ethnic and baroque style.
  • Imitation pattern. The pattern, imitating different finishing types: stone, tree, brick, plaster, etc.

Selecting the wallpapers, it is necessary to consider the pattern size. You should note that small pattern better suits the small rooms, as it visually extends the room space. Big pattern wallpaper better suits for roomy spaces.

Pattern and plain wallpaper catalogue

In product catalogue of online store there is a wide range of different variants of pattern and plain wallpaper, among which you may easily choose, what will suit you the best. Moreover, professional customer service is available on our website, where you may ask any question concerning wallpaper selection. Please note that wallpaper patterns price in the catalogue is stated for one roll.

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