LED lighting systems

LED systems for indirect lighting

There’s no need to state the very important role lighting plays in interior decoration today. It’s a well-known fact that carefully-selected and installed lighting can dramatically change the appearance of a room, transforming even the most simple and mundane space into a unique and exceptional design. In this section, we’d like to give you further information about the relatively new, but already very popular, lighting option using LED (light-emitting diode) systems. In combination with various moulding elements, LED lights create dispersed and gentle, eye-pleasing lighting, giving your rooms a warm and cozy atmosphere.

What's new about LED lighting?

LED systems are an excellent solution when creating indirect lighting in a building. The scope of such LED lights is almost unlimited: You can focus on some part(s) of the wall and leave others in shadow, divide the room into separate zones, and even change the visual perception of the size of the room. In addition, compared to such traditional lighting devices as incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LED devices have a number of clear advantages:

  • Economical. The higher price of LED bulbs is fully compensated by their longer life and lower energy consumption.
  • Ecological compatibility. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED systems don't contain mercury vapours or other harmful substances that can be released when they are destroyed.
  • Safety. Unlike incandescent bulbs which, during prolonged operation, become very hot and can cause a burn or fire, LEDs are characterized by a much lower operating temperature.

Please note that there's a limit to the number of LED bulbs that can be connected in a row. An LED strip of low brightness (low lumen) shouldn't exceed 12 m, while a strip of brighter lights (high lumen) shouldn't be longer than 6 m.

LED systems for indirect lighting in the interior

Internal LED lighting for an apartment or a house has many different uses:

  • LED lights can be installed in a cornice, creating diffuse lighting in the upper part of a room and visually increasing the height of the ceiling.
  • In combination with skirting, LED lights can be affixed to the lower part of a wall or under furniture in order to illuminate certain areas of the floor in a spectacular way.
  • With the help of various types of moulding, it's possible to use LEDs to create hidden illumination around a doorway, or to highlight an area of a wall, a picture, panel or other element of interior decoration, which you want to emphasize.

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