Orac Decor Ceiling Domes

A ceiling dome is one of the oldest architectural elements, extending back into prehistory, but its streamlined form continues to inspire architects and designers to this day. A dome is a curved element that resembles the empty upper half of a sphere. One of the popular varieties of ceiling finishing today is the polyurethane ceiling dome. The ceiling domes from the company Orac Decor occupy a leading place among their counterparts in the modern market of furnishing materials.

Sphere of application and installation of Orac Decor ceiling domes from polyurethane

The polyurethane ceiling domes from Orac Decor have an elegant design, which isn't only decorative, but also functional. Such moulding elements are often used for the placement of lighting fixtures, and are equally suitable both for residential and office buildings. Polyurethane ceiling domes are often found in rooms decorated in antique style. In combination with moulded niches, they create a unique atmosphere reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

The installation of a ceiling dome depends on its design and the height of the hemisphere. Some models don't require a respective depression in the ceiling, as they are in fact a kind of ceiling moulding with a concave decorative side and a flat base. These dome elements protrude slightly above the ceiling surface. Other Orac Decor decorative polyurethane domes in the form of a hemisphere require a corresponding cavity in the ceiling. Such domes are often used in the design of suspended and stretched ceilings, so as not to violate the architectural integrity of the building.

Orac Decor ceiling dome online catalogue

Images and interior photos of polyurethane ceiling domes can be found in our Profhome online catalogue. This catalogue shows the prices of the ceiling domes and all the necessary technical information. You can buy polyurethane ceiling domes by placing an order in our online store, or simply contact our customer support team via phone or e-mail. Enjoy your shopping!