Wall lights

Lighting is one of the key points to keep in mind when designing a room. After all, without proper lighting, even the most luxurious and exceptional decor will go unnoticed. In addition, the choice and location of wall lights will play an important role not only in the overall aesthetic design of a room, but also affect how cozy and welcoming a room appears. The aim is to create a balance, for the illumination to not be so bright that it irritates the eye, but also not so dark that it causes inconvenience and tires the eye. Our Orac Decor® decorative lights will help you to solve such problems and create a soft, diffuse lighting, conducive for comfortable rest and coziness, in any room.

Wall lights in the interior space

Orac Decor® wall lights are made from the innovative material Duropolymer®. Accordingly, they're distinguished by good resistance to various external influences, but also strength, reliability and durability. You needn't worry that they'll crack or deform over time, even in conditions of high humidity, temperature changes or direct sunlight.

Orac Decor® wall lights can be used in your home or office space as decorative or additional lighting with bulbs up to 60W. Below we've listed some recommendations on using our wall lights, helping you to create in your home the right lighting, emphasizing the sophistication of your interior:

  • One of the most common uses for decorative lights is illuminating a specific part of a room. For example, next to an armchair or a bed, for easy reading, or next to a table, for a pleasant meal. Thus, you can illuminate the required area, keeping the rest of the room in gentle, eye-pleasing shadow.
  • Another way to use wall lights is to focus on a picture, a figurine, or some other decorative piece. Such an element is guaranteed to catch the eye if it's highlighted with additional lighting.
  • If you place the lamp closer to the ceiling, the effect will be to make your room appear brighter. Hanging it lower down will minimize the effect and make the room darker.
  • Buying wall lights in our online store

    In order to make it easier for you to make a choice, you'll find prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed specifications (weight, size, etc.) for these products in our online catalogue.

    Once you've made your choice, you can easily buy a wall light, by going through a fast and simple order process . If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!