Paintable nonwoven lining paper Versailles collections

The Versailles collection of paintable non-woven wall lining is presented in the form of fabric with a density of 60 g / m2. Such repair material is the most affordable in our range of paintable non-woven wall linings, offering good value for your money. It is used to strengthen only well-prepared, smooth and even surfaces.

If you have never worked with such a repair material, then please note that the density of normal paper for printing is 80 g / m2, which is higher than the density of this non-woven wall lining. But, despite its low density, the wall liner Versailles has a high tensile strength and offers excellent reinforcement of surfaces with small cracks.

Versailles collection catalogue

In the online catalogue of the Versailles collection of paintable non-woven wall lining you can see interior photos of the material, and find further information on prices, descriptions and technical characteristics.

To help you save more when buying, we recommend that you buy the material in bulk: for example in boxes of 16 rolls or on pallets of 288 rolls. After all, the more units of Versailles wall lining you order, the lower the price of a single roll.

Before ordering our Versailles paintable wall lining, we recommend you take advantage of our sample order service. This will enable you to experience the material firsthand and see its advantages. Our customer support team will answer any questions you may have regarding the selection or application of the Versailles paintable wall lining, and will also help you to buy it quickly and easily. We deliver goods around the world, and are also able to confirm delivery times, if necessary. Enjoy your shopping!