Fur effect wall panels for interior decoration

Fur in the interior is fashionable, original, environmentally friendly and expensive! Lightened up by these ideas, designers and end users will enjoy all of the above characteristics, except the last. Everyone really wants fur to look expensive, but not for the cost of being expensive. Before you spend a large amount on natural fur decorations, take a look at the online store Profhome.co.uk. We offer to your attention a completely unique product – WallFace fur effect wall panels.

If the desire to re-equip rooms according to the latest fashion trends is much, if you are a fan of carpets but traditional wall coverings have long become boring, our fur effect wall panels are what you are looking for! Decorative wall-mounted fur panels are an exclusive wall cover of artificial fur with a velvety texture. This ultrafashionable finishing material has no equal in the modern market for a number of objective reasons:

  • Innovative design of fur effect wall panels. Like all our self-adhesive panels, WallFace fur effect wall panels is the exact reproduction of the material, which they imitate. It is almost impossible to distinguish them from natural fur. They will look as soundly as fur products. But the most surprising is that there are no analogues to this product. Fur in the quality of bedspread, floor covering, and some small fragments of fur linen as a decoration in the interior of premises today is not regarded as exotic. But imagining a room with fur walls is difficult. Thanks to our self-adhesive decorative fur effect panels, such a fantasy will become a reality.
  • Ecological compatibility. Panels from WallFace artificial fur are absolutely safe and do not contain PVC. They will perfectly fit in the interior, decorated in the style of eco or ethno.
  • Durability. Everyone knows that artificial fur is more durable than natural fur. Our fur effect wall panels is no exception. They are made of high quality materials with excellent performance characteristics and will last for many years!
  • Soundproofing. The soft texture of the top layer absorbs the sound well, so the panel with artificial fur coating will help to significantly improve the sound insulation of your room.
  • Easy installation. Due to its low weight, flexibility, the presence of a self-adhesive base and easy cutting, the fur effect wall panels can be installed without much effort.

WallFace Decorative faux fur wall panels are designed not only for walls, it can transform any surface. Our panels are not only quickly installed, but also easily dismantled. Therefore, do not be afraid of cardinal changes and boldly experiment with our fur effect wall panels!

Catalog of fur effect wall panels, their prices and interior photos

In our electronic catalog there is an assortment of panels with a fur texture. Images and interior photos of faux fur wall panels will help you make the right choice. In addition, you can order a sample of the product and be sure of how accurate and of high quality imitation of natural fur can be.

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Independently or with the help of our professional consultants, hurry up and buy fur effect wall panels in our online store Profhome.co.uk! We guarantee you first-class service and fast delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!