TRANSLUCENT Wall panel collection

Decorative wall panels from the TRANSLUCENT collection have an innovative functional finish with an exclusive design. They are distinguished by a geometric rhombic ornament formed by intersecting narrow grooves, symmetrically located on the decorative surface of the panels.

WallFace TRANSLUCENT wall coverings are designed in such a way that light in can shine through the grooves, making the panels practically transparent in these areas.

TRANSLUCENT wall panel collection in the interior of premises

The TRANSLUCENT collection was created primarily to complement concealed lighting systems. Placing LED lamps behind the panel, will create an incomparable visual effect in any room. The carrier base panels designed for concealed lighting can be glass or any other transparent surface.
If there is no supporting surface and the panels are fixed directly to a frame, there is no need for a self-adhesive base.
To order wall panels without a self-adhesive base, contact the customer support team of the online shop ProfHome. WallFace TRANSLUCENT decorative panels are an ideal solution for the design of commercial premises: such as illuminated bar counters, bright shop windows or glass doors.