Combining wallpaper in the hallway / corridor

Do you think that if guests do not stay in the corridor for a long time, then the design of this room should be given less attention? Let us convince you of the opposite! After all, first and foremost the best impression about your apartment that your guests receive is in the hallway. Therefore, its interior should create both a stylish and at the same time comfortable, cozy environment. By combining different types of wallpaper in the hallway, you will easily achieve the desired result!

How to combine wallpaper in a hallway or corridor

There are a lot of options for combining wallpapers in the hallway or corridor and you can always create your own unique option, but you should still familiarize yourself with the main aspects, which you should pay attention to in the first place:

  • Since a large number of people pass through the hallway and corridor, the main criterion for choosing wallpapers is material. It should be strong enough to withstand mechanical damage, and can be properly cleaned without losing a representative look. These characteristics best corresponds to the dense vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven or paper basis.
  • You should also take into account the influence of different methods of combining wallpaper in the corridor on the visual perception of the dimensions of the room. Is your entranceway too small and cramped? The horizontal bars will make the walls wider, and the vertical bars will raise the ceiling level!
  • Pay attention to the illumination of the room. Light in the corridor and hallway in most cases is created by artificial sources. Respectively, it is better to combine a wallpaper of lighter shades.
  • In some cases, decorative embedding from wallpaper look very impressive. They serve to focus on certain elements of the interior (mirrors, hangers for clothes, shelves, etc.) or can act as an independent object of the interior in the form of a picture or a panel.

Wallpaper color combinations

One of the basic rules of combining wallpaper in the corridor or hallway is that the primary colors used in combining, should be no more than three. Best of all - two. The main recommendations for choosing colors are:

  • Most wallpaper combination of two colors in the corridor or hallway are created due to a combination of inharmonious shades. Therefore, bright and catchy colors are better off more than calm and moderate.
  • Using too bright colours attracting much attention is not recommended as hallway is not the place for people to stay for a long time.
  • The color scheme of the wallpaper should be suitable for furniture design and the general style of the room.
  • The use of excessively bright colors that attract a lot of attention is not recommended, since the hallway and the corridor are not places where people stay for a long time.
  • To make the room harmonious, it is recommended that the combined wallpaper in the hallway or corridor has a common element. It can be a shade, pattern or texture.
  • Do not use materials from different price segments, since over time the difference between them will become very noticeable, and the colors will not match the way you originally planned.

Hallway wallpaper combinations

Typically, wallpapers in the hallway or corridor are combined according to two characteristics: color and texture. Recommendations for choosing colors were described above, below are tips on texture combination:

  • Using different types of wallpaper with a relief pattern, you should pay attention to the harmony of such a combination. It is better to choose patterns of a similar theme.
  • An interesting design solution is the combination of smooth and relief wallpaper with the same pattern.
  • Large and often repeating ornaments make the room tighter while small and sparse expands it.
  • In addition to textures, the nature of the surface should be taken into account. The choice of glossy wallpaper for the corridor is not entirely appropriate, as they will strongly reflect the glare from the lighting sources. Combining matte and glossy wallpaper will only be okay in a fairly spacious room. So the best choice for a small corridor is a matte wallpaper.

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