Kitchen wallpaper combinations

It’s a great responsibility to choose kitchen wallpaper combinations properly. As after a working day and in the rest of the time it’s important to feel cosy and comfortable. And what do you want most of all after work? Correct: to have a good rest and something to eat. And all this begins from the kitchen. That’s why it’s very significant to create the appropriate atmosphere. In this article you will find comprehensive information about how to choose kitchen wallpaper combinations designs properly in order to achieve the desirable result.

How to combine kitchen wallpaper

Wallpaper combinations for kitchen are not a simple matter. That’s why starting to do it on your own, you should consider a range of major rules, following which you will make the right choice without effort.

  • It is recommended combine kitchen wallpapers of one quality and price segment but with various colours and ornament.
  • Geometrical ornaments are good in combination with abstract motives.
  • In order to avoid problems by jointing it is better to combine kitchen wallpapers of the same thickness.
  • Active, vibrant colours are combined with dimmed, neutral ones.
  • Chosen by you kitchen wallpaper combinations designs shall match general design and kitchen style.
  • You should pay attention to sizes of wallpaper stripes for their better jointing between each other and falling within premises dimensions.

Kitchen wallpaper combination of colours

Characteristics of basic, most frequently used colours and description of other better matching colours are given below:

  • White is the colour of purity. Can be perfectly combined with anything. Best of all with black, red and blue. May be used in any quantity not being afraid of overloading interior.
  • Red means activity, expressivity, aggression. Can be combined with white, black, green, blue. It’s better to use selectively in order to pay attention on some interior elements as far as too much red irritates and tires view.
  • Green causes relaxation and favours rest. It is good with yellow, black, brown. It may be used in any volume and any places, as doesn’t case pressure at all.
  • Black brings strictness and elegance to design. Perfectly combined with any colour, but it’s important not to overdo with quantity to avoid your kitchen too gloomy and dark.
  • Blue creates feeling of coolness and freshness. It matches yellow, green, orange, red. It is better to use in small warm premises.
  • Grey looks a little boring but is a basic colour. It may be combined with red, bright blue, violet.
  • Yellow is associated with joy and vivacity. It is used with blue, grey, black, blue. It looks perfect in bright, spacious kitchens with a good light.
  • Kitchen wallpaper combinations designs

    Using various design methods you can not only create a special atmosphere for your kitchen, but visually enlarge its sizes. The most popular are such kinds of combination:

    Vertical wall zoning:

    If you want to hide kitchen disproportion, so it will look more compactly and comfortable? Use symmetrical kitchen wallpaper combinations! Walls from two sides from the centre are covered with wide strips of bright, contract colours owing to which kitchen length seems equal to wallpaper width. Does your kitchen lack width, and its design lacks dynamism and originality? Asymmetrical kitchen wallpaper combinations will help to solve this problem. In this variant one wall is covered with bright, wide paper and the rest with paper of different sizes.

    Horizontal zoning. The wall from the bottom upwards is divided with wallpapers of various design in proportion 1:2. This method of kitchen wallpaper combinations helps to reduce ceiling height and increase wall length.

    Accent wall emphasizing. All walls are done in neutral restrained colorus and one – accent wall is made bright and provoking. Are you afraid of this variant kitchen wallpaper combinations will bring unbalance to the design of your kitchen? – Just add brightness to the interior elements of the wall opposite to accent one!

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